effective protein model selection using a structure-based energy function resistant to blunders

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Input Format

Submission Name:
The identifier provided will be used in the results email.
If no name is provided, the generic name 'SELECTproJob' is used.
A valid email address is required for submission. Results will be sent to the email address provided.

Protien Sequence:
The amino acid sequence of the query protein must be submitted.
Models File:
SELECTpro is designed to read a set of models appended into a single file in .pdb format SELECTpro will score from 1 to 100 models in a single submission. Larger model sets can be split up and submitted separately. The model scores are calculated independently, so they can still be compared.

The MODEL identifier is used to distinguish models within the file. These identifiers are used in the results email to associate the scores with the models. If no MODEL identier is provided for a model, the model is identified by its order in the file. If it is the 5th model, it will simply be identified by "5" in the results.
Example Sequence and Models:
The following example sequence and models file work properly with SELECTpro. (example protein sequence)
(example models file)

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