effective protein model selection using a structure-based energy function resistant to blunders

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Download SELECTpro for Linux

SELECTpro 1.0
SELECTpro utilizes the feature predictions from the SCRATCH suite of predictors. Specifically, SELECTpro uses the secondary structure predicted by SSpro, relative solvent accessibility predicted by ACCpro, and contact map predicted by CMAPpro. These predictors are bundled into SELECTpro 1.0. Also, the feature predictors require large blast databases to make predictions, so the download is significant.

download size: 680 Mb
installation size: 1.6 Gb
Download SELECTpro 1.0

SELECTpro Solo
This version does not include the feature predictors. The download is and installation size is much smaller than the full version. The user is responsible for curating the predicted features and formatting them for the SELECTpro executable.

download size: 3 Mb
installation size: 13 Mb
Download SELECTpro Solo

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For commercial license, please contact

Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics
School of Information & Computer Science
University of California Irvine